Top 10 Tips to Excel in your Internship Video Interview

Video interviews can feel remote and impersonal, so it is a good idea to prepare yourself in order to have a successful experience.

Video interviews may be used at any point during the interview process. They can be live or asynchronous, meaning not in real-time. Live video interviews need to be scheduled because the recruiters and candidates must be online at the same time. Asynchronous can be recorded and viewed by the recruiter at another time.

To make sure you perform your best in either situation, we asked Joy Redmond, Head of Research at Sonru, pioneers of automated online video interviewing, to share some tips to help you give your best!

1. Research the company and their interview process

Check out their website and LinkedIn company page for information on company size, location, operation, sector. Read their Press Releases for recent announcements and developments. Also, research their competitors’ and wider industry information.

2. Don’t leave it until the last minute to test your equipment

You don’t want to miss your chance because of a faulty wire or bad connection. Check if you need to download any software or apps. Tuning in early will give you time to address issues flagged up with your hardware. Make sure your laptop or mobile device is plugged in fully charged in case of a power cut.

3. Peace and quiet

Find a quiet peaceful place to hold the interview where you will not be disturbed during your interview. Check if it has a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can test your internet speed by using a free tool provided by Which?

4. Practice really does make perfect so practice, practice, practice

Try recording yourself on your phone, for instance, a couple of questions a day until you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

5. Test for the best position and the settings for your device

Try placing your mobile device (on a tripod, you can pick them up in bargain stores) or laptop on a couple of telephone books so that you are facing the webcam. Review your practice interviews and adjust your position, settings, sound and so on until you have it just right.

6. Dress as if attending a face-to-face interview

Imagine the expected attire for the role and dress accordingly. Being dressed appropriately also ensures you will approach and complete the interview in the right frame of mind.

7. Read, read and read again

During the interview, read the questions carefully and give answers that are as concise and precise as you can. Also be aware that if you are using notes to reference back, the people reviewing your interview can see you looking at them. Expect the unexpected. For instance, if you are interviewing for a multilingual role then don’t be surprised if some of your questions are in that language.

8. Make eye contact

Make eye contact by looking at the camera, not at yourself on the screen. It is natural to want to watch yourself, but a direct gaze shows confidence and will be more engaging for the recruiter.

9. Meet the deadline

In preparation, take note of the deadline by which you must have completed your interview. Check whether there are any videos included  – these usually give you a glimpse into life at the hiring company or introduce you to the recruiters who will review your completed interview.

Listen to the tone of voice and language used in these; this will give you insight into the company culture. Make sure to read any attachments within your interview account such as: job description, further instructions or information on the company. Make the most of this opportunity and try not to miss any detail.

10. And relax…

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