The Internship Application Process

Particularly in fields where experience is crucial, like healthcare, law, journalism, social care, and teaching and education, the application procedure for an internship can be as competitive as applying for a permanent position.

Companies have different conditions for applications. Some may require you to fill out an online application form, go to an interview, or go to an assessment centre where you can be questioned about your credentials, abilities, and prior experience. Other internships can be applied for with a CV and cover letter. You can also apply speculatively to inquire about internships that could be available.

Some common steps in the application process include:

The Application Form

The business will determine whether you meet the minimal requirements for the programme during this initial stage. You will be questioned about your educational background and any prior employment history you may have.

Online Tests

The company will ask you to complete an online strengths-based assessment if your original application is accepted and fits the criteria. It is strongly advised that you practise different types of online tests in order to become comfortable with the format.

Online assessments usually consist of psychometric tests in which you will be assessed on your intelligence, abilities, potential and personality.

Motivational Questionnaires

After that, you may be asked to complete a motivational survey. Your motivations for applying to the business and your preferred programme area will be questioned in this. Additionally, you could be asked to define what the business does and stands for and how you will fit into their organisation.

Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are also a common step in the application process. During the phone interview, you are likely to be asked to talk about your motivation, values, and skills.

This is your chance to elaborate on why you believe you’d be a good fit for a career in the business and what you believe you could contribute to them. We recommend searching online for illustrative competency-based interview questions to aid in your preparation, as well as conducting some further research on the business.

Assessment Centres

This is usually the last step in the process. Assessment centre days vary at each company and consist of different activities that can include interviews, presentations, or group discussions and tasks.

Useful Tips!

Although application processes can differ, you should always make sure that you have shown that you have the skills and drive to take advantage of the internship, describe what you can offer the company, and stress why you want to work for that specific organisation and how you meet their requirements for an internship. In each candidate, a business will seek the same values. Keep this in mind, particularly when you have your phone interview and while you are at the assessment centre.

It is also advised that you should try to apply at least six months in advance, even if there is a deadline, to avoid missing out.

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