Cuvva’s young driver hacks – top 5 tips for cheaper car insurance

Here at Cuvva, we’re obsessed with making car insurance cheaper, fairer and more flexible, starting with our temporary car insurance. It lets you drive anyone’s car, whenever you like, from 1 hour to 28 days. We’re big fans of sharing your car or borrowing a mate’s – it’s cheaper and greener, and is perfect for doing the big shop, moving home or splitting a road trip with a friend. Cover starts instantly, so there’s no waiting around for policy documents to arrive in the post. 

Need learner driver insurance? Rather than adding yourself as a named driver on a parent’s car and paying for full insurance, you can simply pay for what you need. Add an hour’s insurance and hit the road for some practice. Want to try that parallel parking manoeuvre a few more times? Just extend your cover from the app. 

If you own a car and fancy something a little longer-term, you can now get rolling monthly subscription policies with no nasty hidden fees, deposits or tie-ins. And you can build up a no claims bonus, too.. Nearly 82% of Cuvva’s subscription customers surveyed recently said they were saving money – with almost 40% saving more than £100 per year. 

Our Smart Pricing feature – think black box insurance without the box, helps drivers save even more, and you can sort it all from your phone. It shows you how you’re doing behind the wheel and you get 10% off just for signing up. Good drivers can save up to a third on their bill with a personalised driving score. A good score = more tasty discounts. 

We’re making young driver car insurance cheaper and way more fairer. To help you save even further, we’ve talked to our experts and crunched the numbers to come up with our top 5 tips for slashing your car insurance premium. 

Drum roll, please… ��

Get on the electoral roll

Yep, it’s as easy as that! Adding your name to the electoral roll means you can vote in elections and save on your car insurance. Go you. 

Basically, getting on the register shows insurers that you’re thoughtful and civic-minded. People like this are generally safer on the road, so insurers see you as less of a ‘risk’ and reduce your car insurance bill as a result. Easy. 

Choose a car from a lower insurance group

Cars in the UK are sorted into insurance groups, numbered from 1 to 50. Generally, the lower the number, the cheaper the car insurance. 

A car in insurance group 1 (a Vauxhall Corsa, say) will be much more affordable to insure than a car in insurance group 50 (like a Bentley Flying Spur).

So if you’ve got options on which car to borrow or buy, you can keep costs down by choosing a car in one of the lower groups. 

Find the right monthly cover

Why pay expensive annual car insurance up front when you could pay-monthly at no extra cost? Cuvva subscription puts you in the driver’s seat, with no deposits, cancellation fees, APRs or hidden fees. 

Some car insurance companies offer pay-monthly policies that are really just annual fees chopped into 12, with added interest and fees. It’s essentially a loan, and you end up paying more. That’s not what we’re about. 

We don’t think it’s fair to punish people who don’t want to pay a year’s car insurance up front and be tied into long contracts. 

Adjust your job title

Insurers look at a load of things about a driver to work out your premium, from age to location to car type. Perhaps surprisingly, job titles are also factored in. 

So if you’re starting a new job and you want to try and cut your bill down, it’s worth being creative with how you describe your title when searching for quotes. 

For example, if you’re a chef it might be worth trying ‘caterer’. Or swap ‘journalist’ for ‘writer’. There’s no harm in experimenting – as long as you’re honest and pick something that accurately reflects what you do. Lying on your car insurance forms could make your claim invalid. 

Safe driving pays off 

Insurers love safe drivers, and any indication that you’re sensible on the road could lead to cheaper car insurance. 

Smart Pricing, Cuvva’s black-box-without-the-box insurance, assesses your acceleration, cornering, speed, focus and braking to give you a personalised driving score. Those with good scores get even bigger discounts on their insurance. Simple! 

It’s a great way to save money and also improve as a driver, because our handy breakdown shows where you’re smashing it (with your braking, for example) and where you can improve a little (maybe your cornering needs a little more work). 

Most insurers offer some sort of telematics or black box insurance these days although, unlike Cuvva, many have restrictions on how far you can drive, or even the time of day you can hit the road.

Some insurers also reduce your premium if you’ve taken an advanced driving course, like Pass Plus. Even if it doesn’t immediately reduce your bill, it’ll definitely help you stay safe in the long run, and make it more likely that you’ll build up a nice no claims bonus. 

Learn more top tips to help you get a great deal on your car insurance at Cuvva.