About Us

Throughout our 125-year history, Roche has grown into one of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas. Our commitment to our people, partners, stakeholders and, most importantly, our patients remains as strong as it was on the first day of our journey.

Healthcare is undergoing tremendous changes but our vision is clear. We are doing now what patients need next. From developing diagnostics and treatments, to harnessing the power of data to shape innovations of the future, we are an integrated healthcare company with a culture of integrity, courage and passion. 

For over 125 years, we’ve been developing diagnostics and medicines for a wide range of chronic and life threatening health conditions that continue to revolutionise healthcare. Being a family-owned company allows us to focus on long-lasting investments, take greater risks and explore innovative new ways to improve people’s health around the world. 

As a global leader in healthcare, we are one of the world’s largest biotech companies and the leading supplier of in-vitro diagnostics. We’re an innovator across major disease areas, including oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, and ophthalmology. We’ve partnered with many forward-thinking, entrepreneurial and groundbreaking organisations that have one thing in common – the belief that cutting-edge science and technology can and will improve human health.

Our Internships

Our Early Career opportunities in the UK are split between Burgess Hill and Welwyn Garden City, and are designed to give those with little to no work experience the opportunity to work and begin your career journey. 

By entering our early careers programmes, we will enable and empower you to develop and learn about yourself, whilst adding real value to our global organisation. 

We have industrial placements opportunities in different departments within Roche: 

  • Data Science
  • Clinical Pharmacology 
  • Clinical Operations: Early Research and Product Development 
  • Informatics 
  • Bioanalysis & Biosample Operations 

Our internships will be posted the 1st of October


Join us if you want to kick start your career while helping millions of patients around the world!

Case Study

  1. Can you share your history at Roche?

Hi I am Amy, a Data Scientist at Roche. I first joined Roche back in 2018 on an Industrial Placement Year which I took between the second and third years of my undergraduate degree. I studied BSc Physics at the University of Hertfordshire but knew very early on that being a “physicist” wasn’t for me so I wanted to explore my new found interest in programming gained from university. After my Industrial Placement, I returned to university to complete my degree before searching for full time work. I considered several options but knew deep down that I had a great time at Roche and realistically that is where I wanted to be. I have since been back full-time 3 years still in the Data Sciences department and still love my job!

  1. What did you value the most of your internship?

My internship taught me so much about the professional world of work from the very basics of what’s appropriate to wear in an office all the way to how to give a good presentation or chair a meeting. I also gained so many soft skills that really benefited me returning to university and beyond from networking to time management to working effectively as part of a team. I couldn’t have done any of this without the wonderful support of my colleagues at Roche and their willingness to take time to mentor and support me and give me so many opportunities I never imagined I would be trusted with as an intern. I also really valued Roche’s passion for diversity

  1. What would be your main advice for anyone wishing to start their internship with us?

My main piece of advice for anyone wishing to start their internship with us is to just take every opportunity as it comes and follow your passion. Putting myself out there and pursuing something I was passionate about really gave me confidence and certainty in what I wanted from a job in the future which allowed me to enter the world of work assured I was doing something I really wanted to do everyday.