About Us
  • From our senior leaders to our interns, Enterprise gives everyone the freedom to explore their potential – because their growth is what makes our growth possible. 

When you join our award-winning Management Training Programme, we will empower you to start contributing right from the word go, while helping you gain the skills and experience needed to run your own branch. 

We’re also still family-owned. This provides us the stability to look forward even more confidently to the future. 

Join us, and become one of the new generation helping us write the next chapter of our success story. 

Our Internships
    • Our interns play an integral role in the success of Enterprise and will have a comprehensive introduction to our Graduate Management Training Programme. For a university student, real world professional business experience can put you above the rest when you enter the job market.

Our interns go at a highly energised pace. From day one you’ll learn what it takes to run a successful business and acquire the highly marketable skills and experience that you get when you’re helping to run and operate a successful business. But don’t just take our word for it – our interns reviewed their experience with us and based on what they said we’ve been ranked #2 best student employers 2023-2024 by RateMyPlacement.co.uk.

Case Study

We caught up with Sophie who is on a 12-month placement at Enterprise and was recently crowned the winner of the prestigious “Intern of the Year” award. Sophie believes her placement year will help secure her a graduate job.

When researching placement opportunities Sophie knew she wanted variety in her placement, to enable her to gain as much experience as possible. “I wanted a varied placement, not one focused on just one part of a business. As a Placement Management Trainee at Enterprise I’ve learnt so much from customer service, marketing, finance and sales to the day to day running of a business. These skills and the commercial awareness I’ve gained on placement is something that I can take away and use in my final year at university and after I graduate.”

But that’s not the only experience she’s gained during her placement year “I’ve got involved in diversity, equity and inclusion projects which have been really fun. Getting involved in so much means my confidence has skyrocketed. With the support from management and the professional development you receive, I’ve been able to overcome any challenges I’ve faced during my placement.”

placement year in Enterprise opens the doors to the whole business and you enjoy the same benefits as those on the graduate programme. Placement students and graduates go through the same development and training with the same promotion opportunities. Within 8 months of starting the placement, Sophie completed her Management Qualification training with a score of 94% and was promoted to Management Assistant. This was a huge achievement: “When I first started my placement, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pass my qualification before returning to university but with all the development and training available to me, I did it in just 8 months. I’ve also been given the opportunity to experience an Assistant Managers role and gain experience of their day-to-day responsibilities.”

Sophie made sure she got the best out of her placement with Enterprise “I’ve won the customer service and sales competitions and consistently placed in the top 5. I most recently won the “Intern of the Year” Award. Getting this recognition gives Sophie a fantastic achievement to talk about when applying for graduate jobs, but she also gained much more: “I developed a lot of confidence through presenting and networking to senior management. My presentation skills are completely different from when I first presented to my area manager, to most recently presenting to senior management.” But that wasn’t everything, she also received £5000! Some of it, Sophie shares, will be spent on travelling parts of Italy, from Milan to the Amalfi Coast!

After reflecting on the highlights and experiences she gained during her placement year, she says “I 100 percent believe I am now better placed in securing a job after graduating because of my placement.” Sophie goes on to say, “It was beneficial to do a placement as it is so difficult to set yourself apart from other people when you graduate; a placement experience will help you stand out.”

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